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An IRS audit has always been one of my biggest fears

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in February of 2022.

An IRS audit has always been one of my biggest fears, even though I'm extremely conservative when filing my taxes. So when I received the notice, my anxiety went through the roof. When I contacted TaxAudit, I was introduced to Dominic who would represent me and help navigate this process. Dominic was friendly and professional. He had a very calming effect in explaining the process to me and what to expect. After a year and a half my case has finally been settled and I owe nothing. I am SO relieved, and extremely grateful to Dominic. He kept me updated throughout the entire process. TaxAudit is a no brainer. It was the best decision I ever made! Thank you TaxAudit and Dominic!
Rose, Pacific, MO
Debbie is very competent and knowledgeable. She has helped in so many ways!
Korte, Roy, UT
When I first had an audit, I was surprised by the quick and accurate service that I received. But I got a threatening letter from the IRS, that demanded that I return my 2019 refund with interest! I should have contacted TaxAudit but I panicked and sent the money. I then complained to TaxAudit, and they worked with the IRS to reopen my case with the IRS, and get my money refunded! So TaxAudit saved the day!
John, Charlotte, NC
I could never have straightened this out on my own. I would have had to just pay what the IRS said, and they were wrong.Tisa saved me several thousand dollars!
Joan, New Smyrna Beach, FL
Very professional service. Best value ever. Stayed with me 18 months, while IRS was doing other things. Came to a fair final settlement.
Dennis, Folly Beach, SC
He is very professional and patient. He explained the process step by step and easy to fellow. He is excellent very glad we have him to take care our case. Thank you so much.
Xiu, Ocean City, MD
Erin was on top of everything right from the start and was very professional and made me feel that things were under control
John, Round Hill, VA
Brett is very educated on the subject. He is always there when you need him. Follow up and execute every question that you throw at him. I am glad that he represented me and very satisfied with end result.
Thank you Brett.
Adisu, Wylie, TX
Awesome service, quick responses to questions and very proffesional.
Arturo, Albuquerque, NM
My experience with your team was superb. Your team was extremely professional and courteous during the long process. They guided me consistently through the IRS maze and hurdles. Thank you so much for your assistance!!!
Armando, Oradell, NJ
Wonderful experience and super fast response times. Thank you so much for making the audit so much easier and less scary. Everyone was excellent and super helpful.
Debra, Hoffman Estates, IL
I did not have to do anything other than provide copies to tax audit letters I received from the IRS. They made all contact for me with IRS, which stretched out over months. It eliminated any intimidation I felt, and I ended up paying much less than the initial letter from IRS showed that I owed. What a relief!
Mary, Jackson, TN
My experience with Chelsea was excellent. I could always count on her to give me feedback. She is very dedicated. She stays on top of the IRS by calling and checking on the status of your case. She keeps you up to date on everything including letters that the IRS sends to her. She is the best! She gets the job done.
Sharon, Arlington, TX
Lance was amazing! Was extremely thorough in presenting all the information, and explained every answer clear, and in terms I could understand, to every question I had. Kept me informed with any updates along the way. Most important, everything Lance said he was going to do, he did. To me, that's priceless. People who stand by their word is rare to come by these days. Thank you Lance, for being honest and upfront about a terrible situation.
Jason, San Diego, CA
I have greatly enjoyed working with tax audit after deal with this terrible process I'm so glad they are in my corner make it easier for me.
Kayla, Kenai, AK
Erin has been extremely helpful in resolving the notice from the New York State. She was meticulous and diligent in her method of addressing the problems. Erin communicated every aspect of the notice clearly, including what I needed to provide to resolve the issue. She followed up with the State, calling them numerous times to respond to her previously provided information.
Adebisi, East Brunswick, NJ

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