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We felt well taken care of and I was confident.

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in April of 2019.

My audit representative was very professional at all times during my year and some months she was always prompt in answering questions, returning my calls, and keeping me updated the whole way through my audit. She always let me speak and she listened to my concerns, my questions, I highly recommend TaxAudit to everyone and I will continue to purchase TaxAudit every year through TurboTax.
Kimberly, Somerset, KY
He worked with me on every aspect of the audit process. He always answered my calls and my emails. My audit took a year to resolve and my audit representative stuck it out with me and we won owing $0.00 to the IRS when initially they wanted $13,000.00.
Daniel, Uniontown, OH
She did a great job of keeping me updated, following up with the IRS, and providing detailed explanations.
Ryan, Buckeye, AZ
I have been using TurboTax for like 8 years now and I always add the Audit Protection option. However, since I had never used it, the past few years I had been hesitant to get the option. I still bought it, but with hesitation. Now, I am so very happy I still bought the Tax Protection option. As my case was a real honest mistake but complex, my audit representative was very professional in treating me and a God sent Angel to save me. She was diligent, persistent and expert in dealing with the IRS and in keeping me informed about the facts and what to expect. She was right on her assessment and obviously on her prediction of the outcome of this case. She successfully solved my problem and from now on I will never doubt in purchasing the Audit protection when I do my taxes, She was my saving Angel, and the only way I will be protected again, thank God.
Honorio, Dallas, TX
She was very professional. Always responded promptly. Explained my financial situation in a way that I clearly understood.
Daniel, Sherman Oaks, CA
I was frustrated and scared when I got the audit notice, and I knew it was going to be an uphill battle since I lost most of my personal records during Hurricane Harvey. However, my audit representative was there to help keep my head up throughout the whole audit process. She had my back when I challenged my findings after I discovered an erroneous judgement/ruling by the auditor. I wouldn't have been able to get through this without her, and would likely would have owed much more than what I will end up paying.
Chase, Pearland, TX
I still remember the day I had received a letter from IRS last year, I was out of the country and was so devastated about the audit. However, I soon realized how lucky I was to purchase audit defense so to get the service started even when I was out of country. And that was the first time I had talked to my audit representative. Due to the lack of documents as I was out of the country, our case was reinitiated after I came back to the USA. Ever since, I could have not expected more from the service I had gotten from my audit representative. As everyone could imagine, getting a tax audit is a very stressful thing but she guided us through this stressful situation one by one, not only with documentation preparation but with emotional support. I was extremely anxious about the audit but she gave me confidence that we will be able to get this through and eventually we did. Her guidance was straight, useful and precise. All our document preparation was easy as her recommendation and presentation was professional and helpful. We were very satisfied with our first response however she continued to work with us for the second response to have better outcomes. It was actually so amazing to have someone working so hard for you as if she is taking this work like her own. We really did feel that way and cannot thank more for that. We are so grateful that Gita was on our case. The definition of supreme mention in dictionary is superior to all others. The service we had experienced with Gita, should you express it in one word, there's nothing closer than this, "supreme".
Jiun, Granger, IN
He has been a real lifesaver! This was the first time EVER that we have been audited and when we received that letter from the IRS, we were really concerned. From the first call to TaxAudit to explain our situation to yesterday's discussion with our audit representative by phone, we have been treated respectfully, and professionally by all concerned, especially him. I truly appreciate his help in this matter.
Vincent, Cleveland, WI
As some of you might know, it is always very stressful when dealing with the IRS but my audit representative made it seem like a walk in the park. She was absolutely amazing at handling my case. I think the hardest part was just waiting for a response from the IRS but even then she would contact them on my behalf to inquire about the status if we didn't hear from them. I would definitely recommend their services and especially her. Again, I can't thank her enough for all the hard work, attention and effort she put into my case.
Ruben, Houston, tx
My audit representative was fantastic! She was knowledgeable, patient and supportive but also honest and realistic which I really appreciated. I can't recommend her high enough and the value of the audit protection from TurboTax. My audit was related to my deductions from 2016 and she had ready-made documents and templates for me to fill out to organize my expenses. I would have had no clue how to handle an audit without her help and she was able to get the IRS to completely side with my original tax filings so that I didn't owe any extra money.
Matthew, Glen Allen, VA
My audit representative was extremely helpful to my wife and I as we went through the process of being audited by the IRS. She was thorough, patient, and professional and communicated regularly with us. She kept us up to date on what we could expect and the length of time it might take to get the issue resolved.
Douglas, Mattawan, MI
Answered all my questions well and with supporting information. Pleasant to engage with both in conversation and email. Quick to respond.
Matthew, Albany, GA
She was very professional and prompt and also kind and friendly. I found interacting with her to be very helpful and reassuring.
Venus, Hayward, CA
Without our audit representative's calming influence, demeanor and credible advice, we would have been doomed. Clearly a stressful life event to be audited, but we felt well taken care of and I was confident we had the smartest ally we could have. Odd to say, but the experience was a pleasure because of him.
Geoffrey, Alpharetta, GA
Always kept us informed. Took time to answer our questions.
Joseph, Tacoma, WA
Very prompt, helpful and informative. Thank you.
Dariusz, Clarendon Hills, IL

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