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Very helpful and professional.

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in December of 2017.

Very helpful and great customer service.
Sylvia, San Antonio, TX
Amazing, you guys saved me thousands of dollars and countless hours of labor. I will never not purchase your service for the rest of my life. Thank you it was a pleasure. 
Sean, Boca Raton, FL
My audit representative handled my case from beginning to end. The IRS sent me a letter stating that I had made errors on my 2015 federal return, and that I owed them a little over $7000. My audit representative reviewed my case, requested documents from me, and sent a reply to the IRS. She even found a deduction that I hadn't claimed on my original return. In the end, instead of owing the IRS $7000, they sent me a refund check of about $150. Thanks!
James, Seattle, WA
My audit representative, was very professional in handling my case; easy to contact for questions and provided full updates as soon as she got them; she was knowledgable on what the IRS needed before they requested it, which means she was ahead of the game. It was a pleasure working with her. 
Harry, Honolulu, HI
My audit representative was amazing. She was very personable and very knowledgable. I felt, not only was she on my side, but she was very well-informed on tax rules, putting her in an ideal position to help us resolve our tax issue. Moreover, she was relaxed throughout the entire process making it way less stressful than it might have been otherwise. I wish I could work with her on my taxes every year. 
Angela, Washington DC,
Great communication and heads-up, in-depth knowledge of tax rules and what IRS is asking for and looking answers to, lightning-speed processing of information and paperwork. I loved working with her on my audit, she is a top-notch tax professional. 
Rahmi, Snoqualmie, WA
He was always available. If I left a message, he got back to me promptly. He patiently explained to me what I needed to do to work with Tax Audit.
Carole, La Mesa, CA
He was professional, courteous with terrific follow up. He put me at ease and took care of the issue. He made what would have been a stressful, nightmare into a simple issue. Best money I ever spent!!
Christine, Portland, OR
My IRS issue was resolved in a timely and professional manor.
Jerome, East Concord, NY
Responded immediately, paid keen attention, asked meaningful questions, explained action to be taken.
Elma, Toronto, ON
My audit representative is absolutely the best! We would have been lost without his help. He is a completely competent professional who knows all about dealing with the IRS. His guidance turned an IRS demand for over $12,000 in overdue taxes into an adjusted demand for $0 due.
Albert, Thousand Oaks, CA
She was excellent; great communication skills, timely and very professional.
Collin, Henrico, VA
She was very helpful and I enjoyed working with her. She always explained everything so I understood what was happening at all times.
Larry, Goodland, KS
Very helpful and professional. She explained the issue in a calm manner, gave the possible alternative responses and explained the possible outcomes. 
Axel, Greensboro, GA
Very professional. Made himself available. Educated me in the complicated field of tax accounting.
Eduard, Brooklyn, NY
First let me say, I have never been in this situation with the IRS.The IRS said they did not accept certain income and is stating I owe them over $2k. I was very nervous and felt very vulnerable when I called my audit representative. She put my mind at ease and told me I now have representation and they will deal with the IRS so I don't have to! I cannot express how much her reassurance meant to me. I told her I will ALWAYS purchase audit defense every year and I'm willing to be a spokesperson to let everyone know how important it is.I can't imagine dealing with this alone.Thank you! 
Tracy, Burbank, IL

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