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Service and communication was excellent.

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in March of 2018.

She was very friendly and understanding. She also was knowledgeable and explained everything where I could understand.  
Mary, Fayetteville, NC
He was extremely helpful and made the process as stress-free as possible.
Ruth, Mathis, TX
She was very pleasant to work with, extremely responsive, and very knowledgeable.
Anne, Roseville, CA
My audit representative was prompt, professional and quite knowledgeable with phone calls and emails to me while we went through the IRS audited items for our 2015 Tax Return. I was quite pleased with his followup and advice on actions I needed to do in resolving my situation.
Nathan, Houston, TX
This experience was great and my audit representative was very helpful and knowledgeable. Communication is very important to me and she really helped me understand the situation and made things very clear. Everything ended up working out in my favor so I am extremely pleased with the service. Thank you.
Jacqueline, Houston, TX
Her excellent, high-quality, dedicated service results in favorable resolution for our tax-audit case. She paid attention to many nitty-gritty details to clarify them. Over a 9-month period, she not only worked hard on our behalf, but also worked intelligently with high caliber. She also advised us for many tax details, and we have learnt a lot from her! We have had great experience with her service. We like very much to recommend your service to our friends and Apple colleagues!
Wei, San Diego, CA
My audit representative was very easy to work. She was knowledgeable and very polite. She made a stressful situation very comforting. I would recommend to all my friends. My IRS bill was reduced by half.
Reginald, Gretna, LA
Service and communication was excellent. All instructions were clear and always available to answer any question either by phone or promptly by email. Everything was excellent, much appreciated.
Joffre, Duluth, GA
My experience with TaxAudit was excellent. Timely and helpful service.
Matthew, Cary, NC
My audit representative was always very quick to respond to any email or phone call. He always answered questions in terms that I understood and never seemed rushed by taking the time to listen, and then answer any and all questions. Very friendly and GREAT customer service! He was extremely expeditious about answering to the State Revenue Department on my behalf.
Janine, Newport, OR
She was a wonderful person and voice to hear after receiving a letter from the big bad IRS. She was very knowledgeable which helped to completely understand the situation and bring a little bit of relief in a stressful situation. 
Jason, Broken Arrow, OK

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