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My audit representative was amazing | TaxAudit Reviews

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in March of 2016.

Can't say enough about everyone I interacted with at TaxAudit. So nice to know I have people who know what they are talking about on my side! Thank you all.
Foster, Portland, OR
My audit representative was amazing. Her knowledge and positive communication made a very scary experience (or what could have been without her) so much better. She continued to keep in contact with me and explained every process as it occurred. I was lucky to have not only checked the "protection box" when filing, but also to get her as my counsel.
Nancy, Marlborough, MA
We had the pleasure of working with a great team that completed our audit needs step by step and provided support and guidance in completing the entire process. We appreciate all the work that was done and support provided to us. Thank you.
Simmon, Elk Grove, CA
TaxAudit rocks! I so appreciate your help in handling my audit. Big shout out to my audit representatives. They were exceptional and I am grateful that they were both on my team!
Michael, Cathedral City, CA
I never thought how easy it is for me with tax audit team assistance. I thought its going to be a nightmare but my audit representative made it so easy and simple for me. I really appreciate the assistance and professionalism. I did the right thing for buying the membership. It pays the hardwork that tax audit team has done to help me resolve the issue with my tax situation. They acted so fast and professionally along the way. Overall I am happy with the service. Thank you very much.
Aileen, Anchorage, AK
Fantastic service and professionalism! Having your service let's me sleep at night much better knowing that I'll have expert assistance dealing with the IRS.
Lisette, Lake Elsinore, CA
So glad I purchased this Audit Defense it was a peace of mind.
Alana, Albany, OR
My audit representative was very professional and did a great job navigating me through the process. She also provided the highest level of service within the service offering and I would highly recommend this service regarding tax service in support of ANY type of communication requests when working with the IRS.
Roger, Jordan, MN
Excellent service throughout the entire process from everyone involved. In addition to helping with IRS notice, my advisor caught a possible error in my reporting of a sale of stock, where I may have overstated income. So, not only have I received the audit help needed, I may be due back funds from my return. I will recommend this service to everyone who prepares their own taxes, well worth the small investment!!!
Maria, Sarasota, FL
When you see an IRS letter in your mailbox you get worried. Fortunately I signed up for the Tax Audit a few years back through Turbo Tax and could not have been happier with the service and assistance in getting my case closed.
Edward, Bellmore, NY

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