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My audit representative handled my case extremely well

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in April of 2015.

2013 was the first year I used TaxAudit. Because of my experience I will use it every year from now on.
Joseph, Alta Loma, CA
My audit representative was really great to work with. Even down to the fact that she adjusts her work hours on the west coast to accommodate clients on the east coast. I expected to work with someone that knew how to correct the problem and she certainly was that, but the part of the service that made me the happiest was the communication. Getting audited, even knowing that I was not wrong, is a stressful event and my representative kept me 100% in the loop, always accurately communicated next steps and always delivered on what she said. Her 'bed- side manner' was fantastic!
Adam, Reston, VA
Audits are extremely stressful and intimidating. Having an intelligent, compassionate audit rep relieved a lot of my stress and made it as easy as possible.
Melissa, Artesia, NM
My audit representative handled my case extremely well. The process took over a year to resolve and he did an excellent job keeping me abreast of the processes which were complicated and took over a year to resolve due to IRS work loads. I am extremely pleased with my experience with Tax and find it foolish not to have the protection afforded by paying for this service. I could have never navigated this myself with the IRS. Thank you!
Wayne, Beverly Hills, FL
How scary to get a letter from the IRS. Our audit support team walked us through every step of the way and we were able to provide all the required supporting documents. The day we got the letter stating no additional paperwork had been requested and the IRS had not made any changes to our refund we were over joyed. Our Audit support team was an excellent partner during this process and money well spent.
Tammie, Wartrace, TN
Saved me a ton of headache and thousands of dollars! Lots of peace of mind knowing someone qualified was fighting for me. My audit representative even fought them on the last $10 or so, which probably created extra work for him but he suggested we do it anyway. After I got off the phone with him today I signed up for the yearly plan so I know I'm covered in the future. Thanks for making this scary, pricey situation vanish.
Dennis, Brooklyn, NY
Signing up for the service was one of my best decisions. All I had to do after receiving a notice from the IRS was to provide documents requested by the TaxAudit personnel and she took care of everything else. I will continue to purchase this service when I file my tax returns.
Soonkyu, Fair Lawn, NJ
My local representative was extremely helpful and obtained excellent results with my audit.
David, Goodyear, AZ
This process was very well organized and professional. My audit team member was wonderful. She persisted with the IRS and got a resolution in my favor. Tax Audit worked so well I went back and purchased it for previous year's taxes. Thanks again.
Victor, Suwanee, GA

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