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My audit representative provided excellent customer service

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in February of 2013.

Awesome Experience!! Made a stressful situation not so stressful!
Colby, Spring, TX
My tax audit representative was absolutely a wonderful representative. She was the most competent and professional tax expert I've ever met, and very personable at the same time. She communicated well and clearly, and I understood the process and where we were in it at all times because of her.
Barbara, Oregon City, OR
My audit representative provided excellent customer service. He called us every step of the way and explained what he needed from us, and why. Our issue with the IRS was handled by professionally and we could not have had the positive outcome without you. Thank you so much!
Penni, Staunton, VA
I am glad I purchased this service. Having a team knowledgeable about tax laws to represent me gave me peace of mind knowing the right course of action would be taken. This is the best investment anyone could make. Simply not having to deal with the day to day stress of the audit process is worth it. Most of us don't like taxes or dealing with IRS issues, but the professionals at do seem to enjoy what they do and that makes it a lot easier.
Jill, Fairbanks, AK
My experience was positive. Receiving a letter from the IRS is never fun. It was very helpful (and comforting) to be able to speak with someone who was my advocate and helped me understand the process and the tax accounting issues at play in my review - all without having to pay additional fees.
Scott, Dallas, TX
My experience was unbelievable. My tax assistant was very helpful and thorough in explaining everything so I could understand what was taking place. He always anwered all of my questions and did not get disturbed when I had to ask for further explanations so I could fully understand the process. I hope I never have to go through this again, but if so, I would like to have Tax Audit on my team.
Brenda, Upper Marlboro, MD
My representative was extremely professional and courteous at all times. I was so appreciative of his ongoing guidance and patience. I am so grateful for his expertise.
Jennifer, McKinney, TX
Tax is indeed the best. I will recommend it to everyone. I learned a lot through my rep who you could tell was very concerned about our problem. He provided very professional service. I am glad Turbo Tax selected Tax Resources.
Sharon, Philadelphia, PA

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