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Dealing with the IRS is never straightforward | TaxAudit

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in July of 2012.

Although my case was straightfoward (I had accidently left off some stock sales on a return), dealing with the IRS is never straightforward. I greatly appreciated having someone navigate the system for me.
H. H., Swanton, OH
My rep was simply outstanding. I have been audited several times in the past and my rep was head and shoulders better than any audit representative I have ever had. She was thorough, dedicated, and hard working. She would respond to emails on weekends and even at night. She pursued my case aggressively and explained every record request she made. When the first audit report wasn't satisfactory she went back and got it fixed. She stuck with it and in the end I got a refund. She was simply amazing.
F. F., West Linn, OR
Given my income and assets, I never thought I would need the audit defense service from TaxResources, Inc. Since the IRS letter arrived, I have thanked God over and over for having purchased the protection. My case involved nothing more than a straightforward clerical error, but even so, hearing those comforting words, "We will represent you in all communication with the IRS," brought immediate relief and a sense of confidence. Knowing that I had proven experts in my corner was worth many times more than the price I paid for the coverage, and today, I received an IRS notice telling me, "Your Form 1040 inquiry is closed; Amount due: $0.00". THANK YOU TaxResources, Inc!!!
K. P., Bellevue, NE
Excellent service! Without TaxResources I would have been lost when I got the notice from the IRS. Thanks.
B. S., Overland Park, KS
I am very happy that I get this service when I do my taxes through TurboTax. I never wanted to need your assistance, but when I needed it, I am glad you were there!
M. A., Fredericksburg, VA
I was more than pleased with the response and professionalism of my rep. I had previously been through an audit and had a CPA who I paid thousands of dollars. Most of the work I had to do on my own which was a lot of time and headaches. Your service is an asset that I will continue to use and highly recommend to all my friends, family and business associates. Thank you very much.
G. K., Redondo Beach, CA
I will never do without TaxResources. I have been filing my own taxes since my mid 20's and am about to turn 60. In all those years, I have never once received an audit. I probably would have had a nervous breakdown if not for my rep. I was so glad I had taken the little bit of time and money to subscribe to TaxResources. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks so much.
K. R., Newberry, SC
Your organization provides an excellent and much needed service to us taxpayers. We are not audited often by the IRS, but when we are, having your knowledgeable and experienced staff to guide us through the tangle of regulations and response alternatives is fantastic! You are worth soooo much more than the price you charge!!!
J. N., Dothan, AL

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