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I was very satisfied with the part TaxAudit played

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in August of 2010. a excellent representative and she took the time and effort to hear about my inquiries. She was very efficient and very professional. It was my first time being audited and instead of owing money to Uncle Sam the IRS owed me money!!!
D. S., Haslet, TX
I was very satisfied with the part Tax Resources played in this process. They responded promptly, with straight "candor" about the process, what my options were and what would be the best (logical) course of action to follow. Tax Resources is well worth the money, just for the peace of mind of knowing someone is there to help you.
M. S., Mansfield, OH
I really considered going to the IRS and representing myself. That would have been a grave mistake. I really appreciate Tax Resources. I could have never represented myself.
K. A., Apple Valley, CA
Top-notch service. Thanks.
J. L, East Stroudsburg, PA
Never having received a notice or letter from the IRS before, and noting to myself that they had come to the wrong conclusion, I wasn't quite sure where to start. After making contact with the firm, I was given good guidance and told what supporting docs I needed to send. My agent took care of all communications and I had a closing letter in the mail from the IRS telling me the situation was resolved in a very short time. Overall, I thought this to be a painless and effective process and while I hope I never hear from the IRS again, if I do, I have the confidence that your firm will be able to get matters quickly resolved. Thank you!!
S. M., Coppell, TX
Just knowing I had a tax representative to intervene for me alleviated all my initial anxiety over having to deal with the IRS. The timeliness with which he responded and the thoroughness of his information made me feel completely confident that I made the right decision in paying to assistance when I initially filed my taxes with Turbo Tax. I will NEVER file taxes without this service again!
C. H., Durham, NC
I felt confident from my 1st contact with TaxResources that I was in good hands to resolve the IRS issue.
B. M., Escondido, CA

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