TaxAudit worked relentlessly for almost three years to get the refund that was owed to taxpayers!
TaxAudit assured that a taxpayer successfully received the Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit they were owed. 
TaxAudit successfully defends a taxpayer who received an audit notice for a business bad debt deduction.
An audit representative is able to get a $55,697 tax penalty waived.
Bill explained that for years, he and Linda had paid the annual fee for audit defense, often wondering if it was necessary. He explained that the service and representation he received had cleared up any doubts.
Being a traveling nurse, Ellie had 3-4 month long contracts in different cities around the country. The contracts included some reimbursement, but not enough to cover all of Ellie’s expenses, and certainly not at per diem or tax code rates.
Generally, businesses formed as a corporation or limited liability company are prohibited from taking the QJV election unless the LLC is operated by spouses in a community property state.
When we rallied together this tax season, we demonstrated all three values – day after day, time and time again.
A simple transposition of numbers, or even a misplaced decimal point, can cause a taxpayer a great deal of stress and well, money. Read how we helped one couple with their honest mistake.
Over the eight-month life span of the case, we remained in near constant contact, as evidenced by our 38 separate communication exchanges since the audit first began.
The member's IRS notice had balance due of $168,972.64. From start to finish, we worked diligently on behalf of the member, and eventually received a letter from the auditor with a balance due of $0.00!  
The members went from owing $53,316 to a $40,615 refund! That’s a $93,931 swing in circumstances.