With several years of audit representation experience under her belt, Judee was ready for anything that came her way. When she received a small business audit case with high travel expenses relative to a very low amount of reported income, she welcomed the challenge.
When I shared the good news with the member, she expressed such gratitude that we had gone to battle for her and spared her more than $3,000 of additional tax. This just goes to show: with a positive attitude and perseverance, all things are possible…even when dealing with the IRS!
The proforma revealed the report contained a common error with self-employment tax. The taxpayers were being overcharged by more than $7,000 in tax, penalties, and interest. Our member was very appreciative and asked me to get it corrected.
As audit representatives, we are required to review our members’ tax returns in full, for other potential issues that could possibly be flagged by the IRS. Sometimes what we find turns out to be in our members’ favor. This was one of those cases.
Our annual low-cost memberships cover our members with income tax audit representation whether it is one or more audits − all for the same low price. In total, the member had four audits and we helped him with all of them. 
The member had come into the bank in a frantic state. He explained that if $8000.00 wasn't wired to the IRS immediately he would be detained. Apparently, our Member had received a threatening phone call from someone claiming to be with the IRS.
This story is about a phone call that saved my member over $98,000. My member received a letter from the IRS that was very vague. Sadly, this is not surprising, as a great deal of notices I see require a keen eye to try to figure out what the tax authority is adjusting.
At the start of a case our members’ issues become our own, and we represent them with the same level of tenacity that we would put forth for ourselves.
The very reason TaxAudit exists is to help others. We live out our mission by protecting and defending our members − from unjust audit outcomes, identity thieves and cyber criminals.
Challenging audit notices can be tricky. When my members called to report their audit, they were unsure of what we'd be able to do for them given the circumstances, but they trusted that we would do our best nonetheless. In this case, the members were thrilled with the outcome, as it had far exceeded their expectations.
At TaxAudit, each of our audit reps carry with them knowledge, experience and an unwavering desire to help people. These traits, paired with Dominic's determination have proven to be invaluable when defending our members!
Our Information Technology team, or IT as they are affectionately called, plays a critical role in the service we provide to our members, and in our ability to provide it.